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MIT Mezuzah Initiative

What is a Mezuzah?

A Mezuzah is a parchment scroll that has been handwritten by a professional scribe. It contains two sections of the Torah that discuss the Jewish faith. Every Mezuzah, no matter how simple or elaborate the exterior casing may be, contains the exact same inscription, the Shema Yisrael: “Hear o’ Israel, the L-rd Our G-d, the L-rd is One.”

It is traditionally attached to the doorposts of a Jewish home.

How do I get one?

Submit this form and Rabbi Menachem will be happy to help you hang the Mezuzah properly!


We believe that financial difficulty should never stand in the way of doing a Mitzvah. If for whatever reason the amount poses a difficulty for you, please contact Rabbi Menachem Altein.

The fine print.

If you live in campus housing, check with your RA about the best way to hang the Mezuzah. (Double sided tape is usually the best option.) Please treat the Mezuzah with respect.

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