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Among our programs, we host weekly Shabbat dinners that provide Jewish students with an intimate setting in which to eat, meet new friends from every niche of the MIT campus, and celebrate Shabbat in a spiritual and intellectual stimulating manner. Creative Holiday programs on the MIT campus raise Jewish consciousness and pride throughout the community. Lectures and classes on Jewish law, philosophy, and ethics, teach the relevance and share the beauty and depth of our heritage to our leadership community. We continue to meet with students individually around the clock.

Shabbat with Chabad Serving MIT


​​The weekly Shabbat dinners at Chabad provide Jewish students with an intimate and elegant setting in which to eat, the opportunity to meet new friends and the experience of celebrating Shabbat in a warm, stimulating, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Experience the sweetness of Shabbat with great cuisine, lively conversation, and family warmth.

Shabbat Dinner: 7:30PM

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Show your Jewish Pride!  
Get a Mezuzah for your Dorm Room!  

How does it work? 
Click here to fill out the application form.

Rabbi Menachem will help you hang up the Mezuzah properly.

Find out more here.


Study with Chabad serving MIT


Chabad provides students with the opportunity to take some time out of their busy week to study Torah.

From the weekly Parsha to the technical intricacies of Jewish Law, the stimulating logical analysis of the Talmud to the spirituality and meaning of Chassidut and the Kabbalah.

Whatever the topic, studying one on one with the Rabbi or Mussy is bound to be great!

Click here to set up a one on one study session.

Study with Chabad serving MIT

Sinai Scholars is an exclusive society who committ to 8 weekly classes and discussions through out a semester, exploring the foundations of Judaism and there application today. It's an incredible way to to meet other Jewish students, engage in deep, thought provoking conversation and discover the incredible treasure within Judaism.


Study with Chabad serving MIT


Chabad Student Group helps empower students to fulfill leadership roles and responsibilities in the campus community and society at large. We are committed to helping students explore and optimize their leadership potential by offering students project leadership and meaningful responsibilities.

Get involved.

Study with Chabad Serving MIT


Ever feel lost at the services because you can’t follow Hebrew? Planning on visiting Israel and want to read the street signs? Want to study the Torah in its original language?

Then this class is for you!

This time proven course will teach you to read Hebrew in only six weeks. We will be using text books (that will be provided)  to get you used to the Hebrew letters, vowels and order so that you will be fluent in them at the end of the six weeks. 

Email Mussy to find out more information and to register.

Meet Chabad Serving MIT

Schedule a coffee meeting with Rabbi Menachem or Mussy at the coffee house of your choice. Feel free to discuss any topic from personal issues to religious questions and everything in between.


Click here to schedule a meeting with Menachem.


Click here to schedule a meeting with Mussy.


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New to Cambridge? Looking for childcare for your family?

As a Reggio inspired Jewish preschool, we are committed to building a strong educational foundation for our children, through play, social collaboration, and exploration. 

Our state-of-the-art centers are designed to create a warm and nurturing environment with airy sun-lit rooms, cozy corners, and plenty of space to explore, create, and play. 

Click here to learn more about this fantastic preschool.

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